Main Street Guns & Knives

Your One-Stop Shop for Ammo, Guns, & Knives in North-Central Wisconsin

About Us | Our History

Main Street Guns and Knives is a family business owned and operated by Deril and Barb Thomas.  Our shop was first opened in 1998 when a passionate hobby was able to become a full time job. A storefront was needed as much as for display purposes as to share the treasures Deril collected through the years with customers. Deril has been an avid collector all his life, enjoying the opportunity to own such amazing pieces of history.

Our store deals in both new and used collectible firearms - Deril’s personal favorite niche of the business is old, antique firearms.  One of his favorite sayings is, “If guns could talk…”

The shop is operated by Deril’s son Ryan and we have an extensive collection featured online through which is handled by his son Justin.  Both boys grew up spending weekends at gun shows with their dad learning the ropes of the business.  

We enjoy serving our customers and providing them with the best value while helping match them with the exact item that fits their needs.

And remember, “Life’s too short to hunt with an ugly gun.”

Family owned and operated by Deril and Barb Thomas since 1998. Local retailer of firearms, ammo and reloading components with a walk-in humidor.